Is Remote PC Access Safe?

You may be asking yourself, “Is a remote desktop connection secure?” If you can access your work computer from home, is someone else able to as well?

The best remote PC access software takes high safety measures to ensure your computer login security. We closely investigated the security features of each software product, including the strength and ease of setup for the security features of each platform.

Each program allows you to customize the security settings for your remote session. These features typically include blanking the screen of the host machine while you access it, locking the keyboard and mouse, and automatically disconnecting if the session is inactive for too long. You can adjust these features and create or change credentials to access either the program’s dashboard or the remote computer.

Secure transmissions are necessary when you’re trying to remotely access another computer, especially when accessing sensitive or proprietary information. The industry standard is 128-bit encryption, but more financial and government institutions are moving toward 256 bits. Both encryption methods offer more than enough security. The 128-bit encryption protects you from outside attacks and maintains your performance. While the 256-bit encryption offers more security, likely more than you will ever need, the longer encryption affects performance. Your reason for using remote access software should help determine the level of security you need.

Passwords are a given for remote PC access software, so many companies offer a second layer of security, such as IP filtering. This gives you the ability to block access from specific computers, even if they use a valid password. This feature is particularly helpful in protecting businesses from former employees gaining access to unauthorized information. Locking the host screen and keyboard lets you work in privacy when your host computer is in an open office. An automatic timeout feature protects your computer from someone accessing it, should you or an employee forget to log out from a session. We took these features into account when selecting our best picks, along with the ease of setting them up and changing them.

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