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There are hundreds of little-known jobs in the world, but some are more interesting than others. Some are transmitted from father to son, others require specific studies or training that are only available overseas, making them difficult to access.

One of these trades is however in very high demand and the training is done on the job, therefore not requiring tuition fees and moreover, you are paid to learn it! This is the trade of spa technician!

Who doesn’t love a good therapeutic massage in hot water, a benefit that comes with a spa? This is precisely why spas are growing in popularity year after year, and even more so since the travel restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. But, like everything in this world, hot tubs require service from time to time. Despite the constantly changing spa market, few people think of training for this little-known profession. Yet, if you ask any hot tub tradesman, you will learn that there are always vacancies in this field, and that these positions offer very good wages!

While the salary of a beginner apprentice technician will be on average below $20 per hour, his salary can easily climb to $25 per hour, or even $30 per hour depending on the region. Moreover, it is not a physically difficult job. Although it may seem intimidating and complicated, the mechanics of a hot tub are quite easy to understand and learn quickly, which allows technicians to climb the salary ladder quite quickly too!

Typically, a spa technician is on the road a lot, so they only work half the time, with the other half spent on the road between appointments.

In conclusion, despite the constant evolution of technology and the subtle replacement of labor by robotics, this little-known profession can prove to be a very interesting career for the wise and cunning who dare to take an interest in it. !

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